About us

Alföld Porcelán Edénygyár since 1969

The story of Alföld Porcelán Edénygyár Zrt. goes back to 1969. Production started in that year in the tableware plant of the state-owned Alföldi Porcelángyár.

Now – as the largest porcelain tableware factory of Hungary with 50 years experience - we provide our markets with timeless tableware pieces.

The ownership of French Degrenne Group from 1999 made it possible to create new and trendy collections beyond traditional product ranges.


Alföld factory - 1980 


Porcelain pastes and glazes are made in our in-house prep unit from European raw materials, based on the traditional recipe of German hard porcelain. To meet the market trend we also apply in-coloured pastes since 2013.

Shaping of our products is done by manual casting based on handicraft traditions, high pressure casting, jiggering and isostatic pressing with robot fettling units. Artisanship still exists in parallel with modern technologies, because the work of expert hands is essential for creating high value porcelain pieces.

Our firing technology was significantly changed in 2016 after installing a new fast firing tunnel kiln, ensuring an energy saving and flexible solution for firing our glazed products.

Decoration of our tableware is primarily made with application of transfer decals designed and printed in our in-house workshops. As a technological novelty spray colouring was introduced in production in the 2000’s.