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In 1976
designer Éva Ambrus created the emblematic hotel tableware range. Pieces of this family were important items of our childhood, Uniset was equivalent to canteen tableware.  It has been used in hospitals, canteens, self-service restaurants and á la carte hospitality.  Before starting the production of Uniset, a product development process and value analysis were carried out, which was unique in Hungary at that time. Items of the product range are made with thick walls and edges and are stackable.


Hotel tableware family manufactured since 1995 with a sophisticated touch of engraved motifs. Most items of this range are made with thick edges and are stackable just like Uniset.


Our popular household tableware range, with clear design for everyday use. Available in pure white or with different patterns.

  • Quality assurance

    We are ISO 9001 certified.

  • References

    Magyarország Étele Szakácsverseny (Food of Hungary Chef and Cooking Competition), MÁV Utasellátó (Catering of Hungarian Railways), Harsányi Szürkemarha Fesztivál (Hungarian Grey Cattle Festival of Harsány), Thermokerámia Kft., Otis Bt., Embassy of France in Budapest.

  • We are a member of the Hungarian Ceramic Association.