Maison Degrenne

We embody the French art de vivre and we want to share the unforgettable experiences it creates; those we savour, those we look forward to, those we will remember.

For all those experiences when memories are made and traditions are passed on, DEGRENNE cultivates the art of elegant living.

Founded in 1948, DEGRENNE is a wonderful story of entrepreneurship, spearheaded by the dream of a silversmith enthusiast. Its visionary founder Guy Degrenne quickly understood the potential of stainless steel and embarked on a quest: to rethink the art of tableware by making silversmith creations available to more people.

For more than 75 years now, the clean lines and playful understated charm of DEGRENNE collections have been a feature on all kinds of tables, revealing the joy and sentiment found in every occasion.

Inspired by the revival of French gastronomy and the finely honed techniques of the country’s greatest chefs, these collections are also acclaimed by professionals around the world.


Building on French know-how, DEGRENNE first made a name for itself by producing steel cutlery in its silversmith workshops in Vire, Normandy, bringing life to majestic steel coils, forging and polishing exceptional pieces. DEGRENNE also manufactures its Expert culinary collection in Vire, benefiting from the factory’s embossing know-how.The brand’s know-how guarantees precision and expertise, and it uses those strengths to combine tradition and innovation in every element of tableware.


DEGRENNE also has porcelain manufactures in Limoges, which benefit from the Protected Geographical Indication label, and in Alföld, Hungary, where the expert hands of craftsmen passionately run the factories to create unique pieces.

Shapes and materials are crafted with particular attention to both aesthetic and functional requirements. To make the table a moment dedicated to gastronomic pleasures, from the simplest to the most elaborate, DEGRENNE imagines unique collections that embody excellence and that can be combined with one another.

By playing on combinations, contrasts, shapes, colours and materials, each dish finds its place harmoniously at the table.


The passion and know-how cultivated by all DEGRENNE craftsmen quickly transcend the factories walls.

The excellence pursuit and the well done work love characterize the House seduce and today make DEGRENNE an emblem of the French Tableware.

Proud to be recognized by the State as "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", DEGRENNE maintains the creative spirit of its teams and preserves the excellence of these regional know-how, aware that these are its first wealth.

More than a label, it's a real honour to be part of this highly selective group, which helps to promote the expertise of 1,370 companies that are emblematic of French excellence both inside and outside France. Precision of gesture, mastery of unique manufacturing processes and exceptional quality of materials, our collections are recognised the world over for their "very high added value".

Together, let's continue to write this beautiful heritage story!